The difference between a business and a craft is in the details. When Rose Tarlow began restoring antiques in the 1970s, she sought out skilled local craftsmen for whom impeccable quality was a family trait, whose grandfathers and grandfathers’ grandfathers had passed down an artisan sensibility and rigorous standards to match her own.

Every item the company produces is considered for its proportion, texture, space, and color with relentless precision. The process begins with Rose’s singular vision for a product’s design, and then is personally attended through dozens of stages, from meticulous sketches to hand-cleaning and antiquing, through careful sculpting of the finest wood. Edges are routed with artful skill. Legs are hand turned. Layers of unique finishes are applied by hand and tailored to the grain direction of the wood and the customer’s preference, creating a richness and weight that transcend craft. Base cloths are carefully inspected before printing, textile weaves are studied and rewoven, ceramic glazes are applied and reapplied to achieve the exact variation in shade. Rose and her highly qualified team keep a watchful eye on these many stages of production in every single category the company designs and produces. No piece emerges from the workshop, the mill or the tannery that does not conform to Rose’s exacting quality standards. Every piece is a work of art.

Because each stage of production on each piece is done by hand, no two pieces are ever completely alike. As organic as nature itself, there is nothing like an original product from Rose Tarlow Melrose House.